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We don’t usually talk much about our own competence and capacity, but you notice it anyway. It is very important to us to help your customers be at the forefront of technology with the products we manufacture. That you can thereby come up with the smartest solution, which gives you competitive advantages on the market.

All electricity that we buy is origin-labeled and always comes from renewable energy sources. For the world we all live in, this means that our electricity consumption is produced in Sweden and comes from renewable resources and has little environmental impact. It is important to us that we have an electricity supplier that takes environmental responsibility.
SkellefteƄ Kraft has its origins in hydropower and today makes major investments in wind power, for a sustainable future.

Plastic is a very flexible material. Sometimes soft and sometimes hard and malleable and can be processed in a variety of ways. Extremely flexible or completely dimensionally stable and can be provided with a variety of properties.

Many of the products we manufacture don’t look particularly remarkable. But in fact, they have an absolutely decisive importance for the function of the final product. Quality injection molded plastic products have a bright future and are here to stay.
All our plastics can also be recycled.

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